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Family & Friends Christmas Workshop 'Tackle Your Challenge!'

Date & Time

Sat, Dec 23 2023 9:00 pm to 10:30 pm

(UTC timezone)


Event Details

How more relaxing and fun can it be? Making lifelong memories together no matter how far apart.

This is a unique and long lasting experience.

During the 90 minutes you'll get various simple activities to work out. Together with at most 5 other people you're busy focusing on your own work. Afterwards you'll have tools to support each other and fun memories to share.

You can have music coffee tea water or snacks. Whatever is at hand at your bubble behind the screen.

Maybe you'll have a dream and don't know where to start or you finally want to work out a complicated challenge ...

The usual workshop session 'Tackle Your Challenge simple!' has proven to be very helpful. You can read the Feedback on the site of Ella Jong.com/en Feedback like: 'new insights' - 'friendly guidance' - 'surprising' - 'positive' to 'life changing'.

Looking forward seeing you! Boxing Day Valentine Day Birthday Easter Holliday Funday or any other special day I'm there for you and your Family & Friends!

Ella de Jong

PS You'll get information about the materials you need after you've bought a ticket. It will mainly be paper & (coloured) pencils.

PSPS Want to make great memories on a different day? Send me a message we'll make it work! ellaDOTelladejong.com 

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Ella de Jong Change Trainer - Coach